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Nano-particle Paste

At the same time of development of nano technology, recently, metal nano particle paste is becoming very popular as a new way of producing electronic circuit.
With metal nano particles, we can lower temperature to its melting point and can make firing temperature about a few hundred celsius degrees. Therefore, we can apply it to produce electronic circuit with fine line less than L/S = 30/30um on a plastic substrate, which was difficult with thick layer paste.
These products are match with customer’s requirements like downsizing, weight-saving, and flexibility. At the moment, several companies are attempting using it in producing electronic circuit on polyimide film, glass epoxy sheet, and PET film.



Features of Ag nano-particle paste

Features of Ag nano-particle paste

The points of synthetic process
  • Generated by heating the metal complex, No reducing agent, protective agent or solvent needed
  • Mass-producible with simple devices
  • Low cost
  • Controlling the particle size from a few nm to a few dozen nm
  • Stabilized by the organic protective layer derived from the complex
合成プロセスの特徴 合成プロセスの特徴

品名. : NAG-38F


Particle size   : 30nm
Specific Resistance : 3.5μΩcm
Sintering condition : 300 ℃ 30分
NAG-38B is usable for screen printing and applicable to various substrates such as ceramic, polyimid, glass and so on.

Product details 

Example of products 1

Ag nano-Particle Paste NAG-10    

*The following data are examples. Please contact us for more details.

Metal Content 82wt%  
Viscosity 220Pa・s HBT 10rpm
Resistance 3.5Ω Substrate : Al2O3
Resistivity 3.3μΩ㎝
Thickness 4.8μm
Firing condition 300℃ 30min keep


Example of products 2

Dispersion of Ag NAG-10   

*The following data are examples. Please contact us for more details.

Product No.Metal ContentViscositySolvent
NAG-09 30wt% 0.8mPa.s n-heptane
NAG-09C11 30wt% 2.2mPa.s n-undecane
NAG-09HC11 50wt% 5.5mPa.s n-undecane
NAG-25T 50wt% 220mPa.s Telpineol
NAG-25TOH 50wt% 65mPa.s n-tridecanol

Solvent:hydrocarbon solvent such as n-hexane, n-heptane, n-undecane, high percentage alcohol like n-nonanol, n-undecanol, possible to use terpineol and toluene


Example of products 3 Other Nano-Particle Paste   
We have succeeded in developing Au nano-particle,
Ag/Pd nano-particle and Cu nano-particle.

Cu nano-paricle paste

Cu nano-paricle paste

Metal Content 85wt%  
Viscosity 10Pa・s  
Resistivity 3.5μΩcm Extract binder: 400℃ Reduction :400℃ N2+3%H2
TEM photographs of nano-particles
Silver Silver-Palladium Gold Copper
Silver Silver-Palladium Gold Copper

Comment from developer

New product NAG-38B

Our company start offering NAG series containing an organic protection layer, using Ag nano-particle from 4 to 200nm since 2003.
We developed our own production method for particles together with Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute. Therefore, we could success to develop high metal content paste.
This time, we could developed NAG-38B which is for fine line printing L/S=30/30.
The product is possible to make high density fine line and still keep low resistivity.
Ag nano-particle paste is possible to bring shinny color in blue and green like morpho which called as a living jewelry.